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Welcome to the new Value Gear Website!


New Andy's M8 GreyHound Sets
New Commonwealth Ammo Crates

New 1/24 Stuff Here
New1/16 Stuff Here
1/35 Tools/Food Cans Here!


--- No International Orders until further notice. ---

The Post office Raised Prices and added a middle man to international shipping.

So now it cost me $5 to send to a Global Ship Center and then an outragous amount for then to re-label the package and send to you.

I cannot justify sending a $10 set with $18 Postage,
If you want to get a bigger order Read Below!

If you want a few items or have a few friends that need something,
you can Email Me and we can see if the order makes sense for you.
Do not buy anything on the site,
I cannot add postage or charge your cards for the difference.


Showing the Sellers Below Support and Interest In Value Gear
Will Help Them To Stock Up More Often!

Here are some Sellers that restock pretty often

Fields Of Glory UK (Carries all scales of Value Gear)

Forge Bear Tanks UK (Carries all 1/16 Sets of Value Gear)

MBK/ANDY'S Europe (Carries all scales of Value Gear)

BNA Australia (Carries all scales of Value Gear)

Hobby Centre Canada
(Carries some Value Gear Stock and will stock more with support
from all the canadian builders)