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Welcome to the new Value Gear Website!


New New New Stuff!!!

New Universal/Generic Wooden Crates Sets #9 & #10

New Universal/Generic Tent & Tarp Sets #19 & #20

New "Series 2 Modern" Universal Stowage Sets #21-26
Modern Stowage Sets For... Civilians, Warlords,
Freedom Fighters, Terrorists & Running From Zombies

New Coolers Sets #CV1 (50's-80's) & CV2 (80's-90's)

New USA Modern Gear Sets (Alice Packs 1973-Desert Storm)
Sets 1-4

New Sacks-N-Packs Sets #1-5 (Alice Packs & Dust Covered Packs)


New Stuff...

M10's M26's Stowage Sets...

USA WWII (Other Tanks)

New Sandbag Fronts For E8's
and M4A3 (new 2 Pack)

Shermie Bits & Extras

Rubicon Sandbag Fronts 1/56 Scale

1/56 28mm Stuff