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Welcome to the new Value Gear Website!

Closed From May 24 - June 26 2023

I am going to Dublin Ireland for a month to help my wife with her study abroad class, so My days will be spent in class, site seeing and counting kids before and after the bus...

The good news is that I do not have time to sculpt these days but a months worth of free nights and weekends means I will have tme to create some new sets. So be ready for some new stuff in august.

There is no easy way to turn off this very simple website store, so I am just deleting all the linked pages and replacing them when I return.

If you really need something in USA These places have most items in stock, and if you need stuff overseas scroll down further for other sellers.

Micro World Games

Andy's HHQ



No International Orders until further notice.

I will just refund any orders outside america until I figure out what to do. "What to do" means rebuild my 300+ item website to add ridiculous postage prices or research other also expensive shipping methods and this 1 man show does not have time for that right now.

There has been a change with postal rules and every overseas package I send is being sent through a 3rd party companyat twice the cost and we are expected to believe that a bunch of overworked underpaid employees in the Global shipping warehouse are going to care about matching the right labels with the right package... I do not trust their system and expect it will result in floods of emails and lost packages that I do not have time to deal with. Like any post office business it makes no sense.

Here are some Sellers that restock pretty often

Fields Of Glory UK (Carries all scales of Value Gear)

Forge Bear Tanks UK (Carries all 1/16 Sets of Value Gear)

Andy's HHQ Europe (Just starting to stock up on sets of most scales)

BNA Australia (Carries all scales of Value Gear)

Hobby Centre Canada
(Carries some Value Gear Stock and will stock more with support
from all the canadian builders)


New Stuff 12.13.22

New 1/16 Stuff For Andy's HHQ Sherman, Takom Jeep
and other 1/16 allied Vehicles HERE!

New 1/56 (28mm) Sandbags & Stowage For Rhinos and Leman Russ



New Stuff 4.19.22

1/35 Tamiya and Academy Hell Cat Stowage Sets HERE!

1/35 Commonwealth M10 Achilles Stowage Set HERE!

1/16 German Sets HERE!

and anyone in UK/Europe Looking for 1/16 German sets go to

1/35 Scale German Tank Bits #2 & #3 HERE!


New New New Stuff!!!

New Universal/Generic Wooden Crates Sets #9 & #10

New Universal/Generic Tent & Tarp Sets #19 & #20

New "Series 2 Modern" Universal Stowage Sets #21-26
Modern Stowage Sets For... Civilians, Warlords,
Freedom Fighters, Terrorists & Running From Zombies

New Coolers Sets #CV1 (50's-80's) & CV2 (80's-90's)

New USA Modern Gear Sets (Alice Packs 1973-Desert Storm)
Sets 1-4

New Sacks-N-Packs Sets #1-5 (Alice Packs & Dust Covered Packs)


New Stuff...

M10's M26's Stowage Sets...

USA WWII (Other Tanks)

New Sandbag Fronts For E8's
and M4A3 (new 2 Pack)

Shermie Bits & Extras

Rubicon Sandbag Fronts 1/56 Scale

1/56 28mm Stuff