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Welcome to the Value Gear Website!


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Value Gear's Goal:

The Value Gear idea is to give model builders (me included) a more useful spares box! Creating and casting sets of Generic/Universal stowage. No helmets no weapons and nothing to keep you from using it in a wooden cart, a chariot, a truck, or a panther tank. "Any Army Any Era!" is my motto. They won't work on everything but so far I have seen people use them on so many different trucks and tanks and even some War Hammer tanks and dioramas. Stowage are accents to help give your model some story or a lived in realistic look. Armies live under canvas...

The Generic/Universal idea is onethat bounced around in my head for years, but I never had time or energy working 12 hours a day in USA, to get started. Moving to Ireland for the past 2 years gave me the chance to be a daytime dad (priceless chance of a lifetime) and a night time sculpting and resin casting machine.

The Value Gear Promise is to have the best customer service, and constantly improving and innovative quality and new ideas. All sets will have the minimal amount of cleanup before use and no huge pour plugs to saw off and and potentialy ruin a piece like we have all done in the past. A little scraping and a little sanding is all you will ever need with Value Gear.

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List Of Things Still On The Bench: In No Particular Order

"Truck Blobs"
- If you would rather build and paint than look for enough stuff to fill a truck bed... then this is for you...Ammo Piles and easy fill truck blobs some with tarps over them, some like book ends & loose crates to give you a starting point.

1/48 and 1/72 Universal/Generic Stowage Sets - I have plans for at least a couple sets for each scale, maybe this will help all the guy's with better eyes than I have and maybe make a few of my "FlyBoy - Plane Building Friends" happy! They call us "Target Builders!"

WWII Wooden Ammo Crates
- Sherman, Panther, TigerI, TigerII, PanzerIV, Light artillery guns and many more. I make stuff to pile up so no open crates at this time, just a great value of crates in each set.

Mirror Models Sets: I plan on doing a few sets for the Otter and few other sets that Libor/Mirror Models has been kind enough to introduce to the model building world.

Sci Fi Supply Sets - Working on a set of Sci Fi Ammo/Supply Cans, A set of Sci Fi Fuel Drums, and a set of Alien artifacts Landin Pad Lights, ideas are endless. this has been really fun to do so far since the only limitation is my immagination. Thanks to my good friends at Bic and plastic makers all over the world for those great pens and other junk I cut up to get basic shapes and ideas. Don't ask me whats in them, its probably some nano bullets or some plasma sludge or maybe human heads or whatever you want it to be... It will be up to your imagination at that point.

Diorama Bits - Working on a few diorama bits, bases and useful bits for scratch builders

Bread and Food Stuff - Self explanatory... I spent 2 hours making a few hundred potatos one night... that seemed ridiculous for what I had when finished... but I got some good ideas in the works...