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Still On The Bench!

Welcome to the new Value Gear Website!
July 23


Vacation Notice!!!
July 25th - August 4th

Any Orders Placed While I Am On Vacation Will Ship on August 4th!

If you need anything in fast!!!
Micro World Games in USA always has all Value Gear items available and great prices on kits too.

For the first time in many years I am taking a vacation with the family... My last couple vacations were spent moving the family across the planet and then the country... It's 114 degrees here in the desert today, so we are going to the mountains for 1 week....


July 17

New Sets!!! 22 New Items!!!
Thats 33% more items than I had yesterday

4 Trailer Loads - So those Italeri/Tamiya trailers that comes in so many different sets, and like me I bet you have one that has been on the shelf or in the stash for years with no idea what to put in it... Whell Here are the loads you have been waiting for... 2 Load choices for the M100 1/4 ton trailer and 2 load choices for the M101 3/4 ton trailer... Next up for trailer loads will be - 2 pack trailer load sets for the Mirror Models CMP 10 CWT Trailer

1 New German Truck Load!!! this one is for the Bussing Nag which I like to call the "land train" since the damn thing is longer than a king tiger... This set is enough to fill 1 bussing nag or 1 and 1/2 Opel Blitz trucks 4 Sets Available For German Trucks

2 New Universal/Generic Tarp Roll Sets #12 and #13 , My Best Tarp Roll Sets Yet! Good variety of sizes and a couple tarp crate combos.

1 New Diorama Set!!! this is DP007 "Sandbag Filler" 25 pieces, of sandbags in singles and small piles. They may help on a diorama or tank as filler, hold down a corrugated tin roof on a bunker in vietnam or any other use you can think of... I would not suggest building a wall out of them, It would take too long and probably look un natural, but make shift emplacements with bags piled on crates and drums would be ideal... These and sandbag wall sets on Diorama Page!

14 New Items for the Sherman Nuts!!! (which I am fastly joining their ranks)) I have 7 New Sherman Stowage Sets (Sets 7-13) and 7 new Sandbag Front bits (SB3 - SB9). The decks sets were built on a variety of shermans and will fit most any sherman (or other tank) with very little effort. A little filler or some sanding never scared any of us off before... The new sandbag front bits are very kit specific and I would not suggest getting one and planning to make it fit some other tank unless you are after bragging rights, cos it would be a major effort.... The variation in kits is really amazing especially with the M4A1 kits. All Sherman stuff is Here!

Upcoming Items -

1/35 Mirror Models Trailer Loads (2 - 2 packs)
1/35 Stug Stowage Sets (4 sets)
1/35 Commonwealth Pack Sets (eventually)
1/72 Jerry Can Sets with Orange3D Cans
1/72 Sherman Stowage (4 - 2 packs)
1/48 Truck Loads (2 Allied and 2 German)
1/48 Sherman Sets (4-5 sets)

Thats all the news for today...


May 21

New Sets!!!

1st Batch Of Truck Blobs Are Here!!! I made them sort of modular so that they might fit smaller trucks and other ideas easier...

3 Sets Available For Opel Blitz/German Trucks

3 Sets Available For Allied 2.5 Ton Truck

More on the bench, Bussing Nag, Generic Truck Loads,
and Variety of Trailer Load. Here is a list of Common Trucks and Sizes.

Right Click & Save Text File!


March 28

New Sets!!!

More Sandbag Walls!!! 4 Sets available now!
More Good Value Bits to help customize your dioramas...

"Check Point"

Feb. 26 2014

New Sets!!!

Tired of Empty 1/72 Trucks Wagons & Trains... Here is some New Stuff!!!

1/72 Allied Ammo & Ration Crates Set 43 Pieces
1/72 Allied Truck Blobs/Loads "AT 1-4"(4 sets of 2 Pack Truck Loads)
1/72 German Ammo Crates Set 42 Pieces
1/72 German Truck Blobs/Loads "GT 1-4"(4 sets of 2 Pack Truck Loads)

Sandbag Sets!!!

1/35 Configurable Sandbag Walls & Crates for building a firing position
I have several other firing positions in the works so more will be available soon.

1/35 M4A3 Sherman Sandbag Fronts (2 Sets of 2 Packs)
1/35 M4 Early Production and DV fronts in the works

I have so many things in the works but I am just 1 person doing all the casting 95% of master building, website updates & ebay listings. So keep an eye out for more new stuff as soon...


Dec. 11 2013

New Releases:

1/20 scale Ammo Cans & Wooden Crates on the Sci Fi Page... I made these cos alot of guys were telling me there were not enough background gear items for some of that beautiful Ma.k and sf3d style models. so I made some ammo & fuel stylecans and some wooden crates... It was alot of fun to make and hopefully someone will find them useful on a dio... some of the wooden crates might work for some 1/16 scale figures too... See Larger Photos Here: Ammo Cans - Wooden Crates

1/72 Fuel Drum Sets - 4 Tarp Covered piles and 12 individual Drum. I made an Allied Set and a German Set... 16 pieces each set! See them Here!

I have lots more 1/35 and 1/72 in the works but just can't seem to get anything finished lately... so check back soon... steve


Oct. 28 2013

New Releases:

Added 1/72 Scale Universal/Generic Tents Tarps & Crates Set #2

Oct. 2013

New Releases:

Here are 6 new sets for the smaller scale guys and possibly even something some of my "Flyboy" friends can use on an airfield dio as the load up to blast us "Target Builders". Might be good for some war gamers too, 25mm Wargame is about 1/56 Scale and 15mm is about 1/100 scale so if you have any gamer pals please let em know about these set...

1/48 Scale - 3 Sets of Generic Tent, Tarp and Crate Sets and 1 Set of Crates Only (same Crates In set #1 and #2)

1/72 Scale - 1 Sets of Generic Tent, Tarp and Crate Sets and 1 Set of Crates Only



Sept. 2013

Latest News is that my Website Shop is open again. We (my family of 4) moved across the planet from Ireland to Lake Havasu City Arizona USA. Ireland was 1/2 the tempature (on a nice day and 1/3 the tempature the rest of the time) and 250 times the rain... Arizona Summer is quite a shock after Ireland and I am starting to forget what the color green looks like... Its a strange little place with the "Original London Bridge", a Lake (main attraction), and lots of friendly people... It is a modeling sink hole though, there is not a good shop to buy any kits in the entire city and have not met any model builders at all... Hopefully that will change and I can make a friend...

The best part of moving here is that I have a fantastic large space to work in and I have lots of room to grow some new ideas... So new releases should happen more often... I spent several hours this week making: Cobblestones, Flagstones, Bricks etc... I have lots of ideas in the works...

Anyway the Bigger News Is that I have alot of new stuff for your tanks and trucks:

Tent And Tarp Sets!

Long Tent Rolls - Big Set of 18 pieces - $17
These are good long rolls and might look good on the side of a sherman or a rolled up canvas cover hanging on the wood slats of a truck side...

Tents and Tarps Set #10 - 22 Pieces - $11.50/Approx €9
These are more Jeep sized Rolls - alot of smaller ones for filling in those little spots...

Tents and Tarps Set #11 - 12 Pieces - $11.50/Approx €9
Bigger bulkier fatter rolls - 2 with tent poles...

Do The Frontline Guys Need A Re-Supply? Crates Crates Crates!!!

Wooden Crates #5 - 5 Styles/16 Pieces - $11.50/Approx €9
These are all Medium to larger Crates some with rope handles and some without...

Wooden Crates #6 - 5 Styles/16 Pieces - $11.50/Approx €9
These are all Small - Large crates with open crate with tools, some potato crates, Generic Foot Locker style box and a variety of ammo crates

Oh So You Say That You Are A Member of The Sherman Mafia!!!
Then I got this stuff for you!!!

USA Packs & Bags Sets #1 and #2 - 25 Pieces Per Set (not a single pack is duplicated)  - $11.50/Approx €9
A variety of packs, Duffle/kit bags and some other odds and ends...

Sherman Engine Deck Sets - 6 Different Styles
Each set is 5-6 pieces and gives you a good start on stowing your sherman but not too much so that it kills your creativity... Like all value gear sets they are intended as a starting place with lots of room to be modified and covered with your weapons ammo, figures and other gear... these are made for the sherman M4A3 Hull but I have seen a few guys modify it to fit lots of other shermans and a friend is even plopping the large bit from set #3 onto an M48... So I think there are lots of possibillities for these besides just shermans...

More Info and See all six Sherman Deck Sets here!

A nice review from AMPS of Sherman set #3

Diorama Pieces!

2 Styles Of Fountains - Scratch Build By Carlos Elias Llop
might be a nice starting place for a diorama... 

Shipping costs from my new location...

Inside USA (US Dollars)
1-2 sets - $3.25 First Class Mail
3-4 sets - $4.00 First Class Mail
5-6 sets - $4.60 First Class Mail
1-2 sets - $5.80 Priority Mail
9 or more sets - $6.95 Priority Mail

Outside USA (US Dollars)
1 Set - $6.55
2 sets - $9.45
3-4 Sets - $12.75
5-6 Sets - $14.90
7 or more sets - $16.75

Lots of stuff still in the works...
Commonwealth Packs & Bags - 2 sets 25 pieces each like the USA Packs & Bags
Camo Nets Set (big set like the long rolls)
German Crates
USA Crates
Truck Blobs for Fast Filling a Convoy
Diorama Bases, Garden Walls etc...
1/48 and 1/72 Scale Generic Tent Tarp and Crate Sets
And Much Much More...